Reversion To The Mean — Episode 25: Live From Fishers

I drove down to Justin’s office in Fishers, Indiana to record this episode in person.

iTunes Episode 025: Live From Fishers

Show notes:

WSJ: When Couples Retire—And Then Start A Business

Bloomberg: Forget Drones. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Needs Lots Of Delivery Humans

AQR: Once More, Without Feeling

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Big Up Days In The Stock Market

Morgan Housel: Investing Ideas That Changed My Life

The Seattle Times: Pensions Provide A Welcome Cushion As Seattle Couple Eyes Retirement Options

CNBC: The Budget Breakdown Of A 25-Year-Old Who Makes $100,000 A Year And Is Excellent With Money

Bloomberg: ‘Canada’s Warren Buffett’ Drives His Own Pickup Truck


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