Reversion To The Mean — Episode 13: Kick Rocks Theranos


iTunes Episode 013: Kick Rocks Theranos

Show notes:

The New York Times: How to Retire in Your 30s With $1 Million in the Bank

The Belle Curve: Purposeful Spending

Business Insider: Credit-Card Super Users Are Getting Shutdown By Chase

Provoking Posts: Fake News

The WSJ: How Much Money Will You Really Spend in Retirement? Probably a Lot More Than You Think

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Watch What People Do, Not What They Say

The WSJ: Blood-Testing Firm Theranos to Dissolve

Freakonomics: How To Be Happy (Ep. 345)

YouTube TV

Brian Portnoy: The Geometry Of Wealth

John Carreyrou: Bad Blood

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