There Is No One Size Fits All

Unfortunately there is no “one size fits all” with regard to personal finance advice. There seems to be a trend lately where a personal finance topic is written about, and within 48 hours there are multiple rebuttals to the article. The rebuttals center mostly around the fact that the advice is only applicable to a Read more about There Is No One Size Fits All[…]

Three Ways To Become Wealthy

There are three main ways to become wealthy (in a monetary sense): Be given it. This is accomplished mainly through inheritance or winning the lottery. Unfortunately we can’t plan for this or make this happen through hard work and dedication. We also can’t choose our parents and pick ones that are financially well-off. Entrepreneurship. Of course an Read more about Three Ways To Become Wealthy[…]

Where Is The Good News?

Upbeat articles and ones that report good news are hard to come by. Why? Because fear generates clicks and clicks generate revenue. As a millennial myself, I notice articles about this demographic more than others. Personally, I’m tried of reading about millennials killing their budget with lattes and avocado toast, and about college students using their Read more about Where Is The Good News?[…]

Finance and Fitness

I love finance and fitness. My financial interests cover a wide range of topics, including investing (lots of subtopics here), personal finance, estate planning, tax planning, etc. For me personally, fitness is lifting weights, riding my bike, hiking, and playing basketball. Over the years while researching finance and fitness, I have discovered how much overlap Read more about Finance and Fitness[…]

When I Saw The Light

I listen to my fair share of financial advisor podcasts and advice that I often hear repeated is “you can’t help those who don’t want to be helped.” Therefore, financial advisors should work on marketing towards those who want help, and not try to convert people that haven’t actually thought about hiring a financial advisor. Read more about When I Saw The Light[…]

The Rich and Their Money

We all get too many emails, but one email I look forward to hitting my inbox is Professor Galloway‘s No Mercy / No Malice. Recently, his musings included a section on net worth, so obviously I got excited. Those who know the Professor, know that he is a very accomplished entrepreneur with a net worth Read more about The Rich and Their Money[…]

Wealth Is What You Don’t See

Wealth, in fact, is what you don’t see. It’s the cars not purchased. The diamonds not bought. The renovations postponed, the clothes forgone and the first-class upgrade declined. It’s assets in the bank that haven’t yet been converted into the stuff you see. – Morgan Housel I love this quote from Morgan. Why? Because now Read more about Wealth Is What You Don’t See[…]