Bucking Conventional Personal Finance Advice

What is one thing you do with your personal finances or investments that bucks conventional advice, but it works for you and your family? I'll go first – outside of cash held for EF and house fund, we're 99% allocated to equities. — Fervent Finance (@ferventfinance) April 27, 2019 There is one problem with conventional Read more about Bucking Conventional Personal Finance Advice[…]

Increasing Your Income In Corporate America

The personal finance space is a great place to learn about getting your finances right. Unfortunately, 95% of the related discussions, blog posts, articles, and books on the topic concentrate on budgeting, investing, and debt repayment, yet the one thing that will most likely move the needle the most in someone’s financial journey the most Read more about Increasing Your Income In Corporate America[…]

Careers and the Hedonic Treadmill

In my first job after I graduated college, I worked for a regional accounting firm. It was fairly outdated in terms of its offering of non-financial benefits to its employees, and most likely operated just as it had 25 years prior. Employees were required to sign in and out at the front desk everyday. God Read more about Careers and the Hedonic Treadmill[…]

You Can’t Plan For Everything

When people quit a high-paying job to pursue a passion career, or quit traditional employment to start a business, or retire early, they can be met with many questions regarding the potential risk of these moves. Some people don’t understand how one could take such a risk when they have a good thing going. Questions Read more about You Can’t Plan For Everything[…]