It’s Okay To Like Your Paycheck

“The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly salary.” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb I have something to admit – I enjoy receiving a paycheck twice every month. Some people are willing to give up the sure thing to pursue a passion project, launch their own business, or take a year off to Read more about It’s Okay To Like Your Paycheck[…]

The Cost of Obtaining the CFP® Certification

I passed the CFP® exam! I am very relieved – my shoulders definitely feel lighter now. As expected, it was quite the time commitment. But additionally, it ended up being a big money commitment as well. It was an expensive process for sure. Below is a breakdown of how much the process cost me: CFFP Read more about The Cost of Obtaining the CFP® Certification[…]

Increasing Your Income In Corporate America

The personal finance space is a great place to learn about getting your finances right. Unfortunately, 95% of the related discussions, blog posts, articles, and books on the topic concentrate on budgeting, investing, and debt repayment, yet the one thing that will most likely move the needle the most in someone’s financial journey the most Read more about Increasing Your Income In Corporate America[…]

Careers and the Hedonic Treadmill

In my first job after I graduated college, I worked for a regional accounting firm. It was fairly outdated in terms of its offering of non-financial benefits to its employees, and most likely operated just as it had 25 years prior. Employees were required to sign in and out at the front desk everyday. God Read more about Careers and the Hedonic Treadmill[…]

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

There are many different types of companies you can work for. You can work for yourself, the government, a publicly traded large company, a private large company, a small family owned business, and many others. Personally, my past two employers have had more than 10,000 employees each. I thought bigger was better. More name recognition Read more about Bigger Isn’t Always Better[…]