Reversion To The Mean — Episode 18: Trick Or Treat

EPISODE 18: TRICK OR TREAT iTunes Episode 018: Trick Or Treat Show notes: bps and pieces: A Matter Of Principles A Wealth Of Common Sense: The Psychology Of Sitting In Cash, Part Deux WSJ: Americans Are Divided–About Candy Corn WSJ: The Problem When One Spouse Handles The Finances The Irrelevant Investor: All You Need To Read more about Reversion To The Mean — Episode 18: Trick Or Treat[…]

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

There are many different types of companies you can work for. You can work for yourself, the government, a publicly traded large company, a private large company, a small family owned business, and many others. Personally, my past two employers have had more than 10,000 employees each. I thought bigger was better. More name recognition Read more about Bigger Isn’t Always Better[…]

Reversion To The Mean — Episode 17: Mega Billions

EPISODE 17: MEGA BILLIONS iTunes Episode 017: Mega Billions Show notes: The Belle Curve: Mega Billions Business Insider: My Portfolio Just Lost $75,000 MarketWatch: At A Time Of Market Volatility, Beware Of Rogue Advisers Who Play On Your Fears Humble Dollar: Reality Check Morgan Housel: Haste Makes Waste Jason Zweig: You’re A Bad Investor? That Can Read more about Reversion To The Mean — Episode 17: Mega Billions[…]

Three Ways To Become Wealthy

There are three main ways to become wealthy (in a monetary sense): Be given it. This is accomplished mainly through inheritance or winning the lottery. Unfortunately we can’t plan for this or make this happen through hard work and dedication. We also can’t choose our parents and pick ones that are financially well-off. Entrepreneurship. Of course an Read more about Three Ways To Become Wealthy[…]

Reversion To The Mean — Episode 16: Millennials Kill Again

EPISODE 16: MILLENNIALS KILL AGAIN iTunes Episode 016: Millennials Kill Again Show notes: Bloomberg: Millennials Are Causing the U.S. Divorce Rate to Plummet WSJ: Elon Musk to Step Down as Tesla Chairman, Remain CEO Of Dollars And Data: Why The Best Predictor of Future Stock Market Returns is Useless Humble Dollar: A Good Life WSJ: Jack Bogle’s Bogleheads Keep Read more about Reversion To The Mean — Episode 16: Millennials Kill Again[…]

Where Is The Good News?

Upbeat articles and ones that report good news are hard to come by. Why? Because fear generates clicks and clicks generate revenue. As a millennial myself, I notice articles about this demographic more than others. Personally, I’m tried of reading about millennials killing their budget with lattes and avocado toast, and about college students using their Read more about Where Is The Good News?[…]