Reversion To The Mean — Episode 15: Momentum, Son

EPISODE 15: MOMENTUM, SON iTunes Episode 015: Momentum, Son Show notes: The Wall Street Journal: Wall Street’s Marijuana Madness: ‘It’s Like the Internet in 1997’ Vanguard Makes ESG Debut Wealth Management: The Rise Of The Super Models Rad Reads: How Much Your Kids Will Inherit Should Impact How Hard You Work Stephen Nelson: Turning $1 Million Into $64 Read more about Reversion To The Mean — Episode 15: Momentum, Son[…]

Finance and Fitness

I love finance and fitness. My financial interests cover a wide range of topics, including investing (lots of subtopics here), personal finance, estate planning, tax planning, etc. For me personally, fitness is lifting weights, riding my bike, hiking, and playing basketball. Over the years while researching finance and fitness, I have discovered how much overlap Read more about Finance and Fitness[…]

Reversion To The Mean — Episode 14: Front Running Millennials

EPISODE 14: FRONT RUNNING MILLENNIALS iTunes Episode 014: Front Running Millennials Show notes: Barry Ritholtz: Crimes Were Committed The Irrelevant Investor: Making Private Public A Wealth Of Common Sense: Don’t Take Asset Allocation Advice From Billionaires The WSJ: Why The 4% Retirement Rule Is Just A Starting Point Seeking Alpha: Robinhood Is Making Millions Selling Out Their Read more about Reversion To The Mean — Episode 14: Front Running Millennials[…]

When I Saw The Light

I listen to my fair share of financial advisor podcasts and advice that I often hear repeated is “you can’t help those who don’t want to be helped.” Therefore, financial advisors should work on marketing towards those who want help, and not try to convert people that haven’t actually thought about hiring a financial advisor. Read more about When I Saw The Light[…]

Reversion To The Mean — Episode 13: Kick Rocks Theranos

EPISODE 13: KICK ROCKS THERANOS iTunes Episode 013: Kick Rocks Theranos Show notes: The New York Times: How to Retire in Your 30s With $1 Million in the Bank The Belle Curve: Purposeful Spending Business Insider: Credit-Card Super Users Are Getting Shutdown By Chase Provoking Posts: Fake News The WSJ: How Much Money Will You Really Spend in Read more about Reversion To The Mean — Episode 13: Kick Rocks Theranos[…]

FIRE Misconceptions

FIRE (financial independence, retire early) has been making its rounds through the big publications lately. Financial independence itself is fairly ubiquitous. Many people retire in their 60’s, because that is when they become financially independent due to the ability to claim their Social Security and a pension, if they have one. FIRE is different because there Read more about FIRE Misconceptions[…]